Are you looking to rent the best photo booth in Houston, TX? Do you have a special event coming up and want your friends and family to take unique photos? Than you need Photogenic Booth Houston! We offer photo booth rentals for any type of event. 

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Are you planning a special event in Sugarland, TX? Have you been searching for a nearby specials occasion photo booth rental company? Well, look no further than Photogenic Booth Houston. This is the premier photo booth service provider within your local area. We specialize in creating unique and personalized set-ups that you and your guests will definitely enjoy. Come down to our facility to sample our wide variety of unique backdrops that will add a creative twist to each picture taken. You can either choose one of our standard backdrops or create your own custom background that fits perfectly with the theme of your event.   

When it comes to the photo strips, here at Photogenic Booth Houston, we definitely don’t compromise on quality. By offering the highest picture quality in either matte or glossy finish, our images bear absolutely no resemblance to the low-resolution pictures produced by traditional booths. We are fully committed to offering the best value for money. If you are interested in learning more about our services, simply call us now or visit our offices and we’ll be more than glad to assist. This is the ultimate destination for all your special occasion photo booth needs.  

It’s no secret that after a wedding, the best souvenir that you and your guests will have are the pictures that were taken on the big day. For this reason, it is imperative for you to invest in a high-quality wedding photo booth. Luckily for you, Photogenic Booth Houston has the best solutions to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on having the most advanced professional equipment as well as exquisite lighting to ensure that each moment is captured in the best possible way. Our incredible wedding photo booth services are in high demand within Sugarland, TX and surrounding communities including Houston, Tomball, Katy, and Richmond. Get in touch with us now by visiting We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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Have you been looking to rent the best photo booths in Houston, TX? Are you in need of high-quality kids photo booth services within your local area? Well, if your answer is a resounding ‘yes’, then Photogenic Booth Houston is the right place to visit. We are a highly established photo booth service provider catering to weddings, corporate events, bridal showers, and all sorts of special occasions. Here at Photogenic Booth Houston, we are well-known for offering the best kids photo booth services that can be personalized to match any birthday party, family gathering or any kind of special occasion that involves children. So, whether you live in Richmond, Katy, Tomball, Sugarland or Houston, TX, don’t hesitate to contact Photogenic Booth Houston right away! We are here to help you create fun and unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Are you in need of top-notch photo booth rentals? Well, have no worries because Photogenic Booth Houston is here to cater to all your needs. We are the number one photo booth rentals company in the region, having acquired massive experience in supplying top notch photo booths to various events and special occasions all around the region. Our cutting-edge camera technology ensures that we produce crystal clear images and unique photo strips that can come in both matte and glossy finishes. 

At Photogenic Booth Houston, we pay close attention to each client’s needs in order to provide the best services that are well-suited to your specific event. We have elegant and well-designed photo booths that can have your own personalized backdrops and unique layouts in order to make each photo appear extra special. Our highly professional and timely services will ensure that your event is a massive success. Simply give us a call or go over this website for more details


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Have you been looking all over Richmond, TX to find the best props and backdrops photo booths? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a local company that offered high quality and affordable photo booth services? Well, fortunately, you have just found the amazing company that perfectly matches this description! Welcome to Photogenic Booth Houston, this is the top photo booth service provider operating within Richmond, TX and surrounding communities including Katy, Tomball, Houston, and Sugarland. We aim at keeping you and your guests engaged by providing creative props and backdrop photo booths.  

Unlike other traditional photo booths that are boring, bulky, and bland, Photogenic Booth Houston creates fabulous displays and show-stopping backdrops that are completely personalized to your event needs. We play an important role in ensuring that each guest feels special and appreciated by producing instant photos using the best lighting and camera equipment. With Photogenic Booth Houston, you can be sure that everyone will want a picture at the dazzling photo booth that you designed. Come check us out today for more information about our services. We can’t wait to meet you. 

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Would you like to hire a photo booth for an upcoming event? Are you a resident of Katy, TX looking for a nearby photo booth rental company? Well, Photogenic Booth Houston is here to assist by providing incredible services at affordable prices. We are the number one specialists when it comes to creating jaw-dropping photo booths that are tailor-made to suit any special occasion or event. Whether you’re organizing a birthday party, farewell party, wedding or prom, Photogenic Booth Houston is ever ready to help you create lovely images. We have the best professional photography equipment that is guaranteed to capture stunning images that are definitely Instagram-worthy. Speaking of social media, you’ll be happy to know that all our photo booths are fully enabled for instant sharing to various social media platforms. Simply call us today to hire a photo booth for your event.  

When it comes to finding a party photo booth, there are several things you must consider in order to pick the right option for your event. First off, you need to decide on the amount of space that you want the photo booth to occupy. Whether you want a small set-up at a corner or a grand photo booth at the main entrance, Photogenic Booth Houston is here to satisfy all your needs. We offer sleek and portable photo booths that have an amazing open-air design which you and your guests will definitely enjoy. Armed with the finest DSLR cameras and professional lighting, you can rest assured that every picture will serve as a fabulous souvenir which you and your guests will treasure for a long time to come.  

Contact us right away to learn about our amazing party photo booth services which we offer to the residents of Katy, TX and its environs including Houston, Richmond, Tomball, and Sugarland. To learn more about us, you can go to our website at We look forward to serving you. 

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Is your company planning to hold a corporate function? Well, Photogenic Booth Houston has great news for you! We offer amazing corporate photo booth services that will serve as both an entertainment spot and a marketing tool during your company event. We allow you to create your own customized backdrops which can have the company name and logo as well as any other marketing information you would like to include. The best part about our services is that each corporate photo booth is fully internet enabled to post your images directly to social media thereby creating an avenue for digital marketing. We encourage you to visit our website at where you will be able to see some of our fantastic set-ups from previous events.